M’s Woven Gingham Prep


We give 20% to charity for each shirt bought!

This pretty pattern won’t help you blend in with your surroundings, but maybe that’s just the point.

  • 3.2-ounce
  • 60/40 cotton/poly
  • button-down collar
  • box back pleat
  • notched patch pocket
  • button-through sleeve plackets
  • adjustable notched cuffs
  • embroidered in the USA
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What do Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Abraham Lincoln all have in common? Pieces of their names spell GINGHAM. Do with that earth-shattering realization what you will, but I’d wager no less than 10¢ that you didn’t know that before.

Really, though… there are many things you can do without in your daily life, but clothing (legally speaking) is not one of those things. So when you do buy some fashion, show some compassion and spend your money on clothes that do good rather than harm. Our stuff is sustainably and responsibly made, it raises awareness for a cause close to your heart, and it distributes dollars towards nonprofits that are making real impacts on the world.

tldr: “Gingham” is historically significant. Don’t go naked. Wear our clothes.

We give 20% to charity for each shirt bought!