Our Story

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    A Child's Utopia

    From coastal southern California to the lakes of southwest Virginia, I grew up with a deep connection to the sea and mountains alike. I loved (and still love) all aspects of nature, especially wildlife. As a boy, I would catch lizards in my backyard, and my family throughout the years kept practically a zoo of animals — dogs and cats, turtles and tortoises, frogs and salamanders, reptiles and geckos, fish, bunnies, and a parrot. Although these days, my only pets are two mutts and a cat who thinks he’s a king.

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    A New Lens for the World

    But as I matured, I became aware of the injustices inflicted by mankind on that which I held so dear. I started researching and reading about everything from global warming to elephant poaching to enormous patches of garbage floating in our oceans. And then the tragedies started striking closer to home. A classmate died of cancer. My grandfather lost his battle against leukemia. And my brother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

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    A Resolve for Action

    There were so many things I cared about and so many things I wanted to do about them all, but I was too impatient to approach them one at a time. So in my second year at the University of Virginia, my dad and I thought up a clothing company that branded causes like wildlife conservation and environmentalism. These ideas swirled around in my mind, distracting me from my classes for the next year, whereupon I graduated early and jumped into my career as a mission-driven entrepreneur.

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    Our Meaning & Vision

    Vara Loka Clothing is on a mission to better the world — it's literally in our name ("vara" means "better" and "loka" means "world" in Sanskrit). Sanskrit is the world's most ancient language, and we chose it as the language of our name because it represents the roots of humanity. Just like tribes came together in the ancient past to form the first civilizations, we're hoping to bring people together today to inspire change. This theme of convergence and change is reflected in the arrows, lines, and circles of our logo. We do everything with thought and purpose.

About the Author


Evan Grinde is the Founder and CEO behind the mission-driven enterprise that is Vara Loka Clothing.

“There were so many things I cared about and so many things I wanted to do about them all…”