About the Program

Are you living the Vara Loka life? One of the most thrilling and fulfilling ways you can get involved with our movement is to become an official Vara Loka Ambassador. As an ambassador, you get to represent our brand while you continue to be yourself. We are seeking individuals who identify strongly with our mission and want to promote our cause in their communities.

How it Works

How exactly does the ambassador program work? What’s the process?

  1. Apply — you put your best foot forward and present yourself as a strong candidate in the application form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Get accepted — if we see potential in you and decide that you’re a good fit, then (yay) you’ll been accepted into our intimate and exclusive community of ambassadors.
  3. Get your ID — as the newest Vara Loka ambassador, you’re assigned and given a unique ambassador ID.
  4. Spread the word — you get people excited and interested in the Vara Loka mission. You raise awareness for the causes we support. And along the way, you drive some sales. Via social media, guerrilla marketing, elaborate stunts, or any other method you can think of, you get your ambassador ID in front of as many friends as possible.
  5. Get rewarded — people apply your ID as a coupon referral code to get free shipping on their next order. We track every time your ID gets used and, in a schedule timeframe, reward in a way you see fit (outlined in detail in the ‘Benefits & Rewards’ section below).

Benefits & Rewards

As an ambassador, you get benefits. That’s awesome, but the icing on the cake is that we let you decide how your work is rewarded. We have several compensation plan options for you to choose from (ranked from least to most selective):

  1. Extra donation — the most altruistic ambassadors opt for this plan to send an extra percentage of revenue to charity for each sale they generate. You’re not compensated in product credit or cash, but you’re paying it forward to the max.
  2. Free products — each sale you make earns you credit to apply towards the products we sell. Earn enough credit and your next order is on the house. There’s no limit to the product credit you can earn. The more you earn, the more you can wear. The more you wear, the more you can earn.
  3. Commission — rather than earn credit for free stuff, we’ll pay you a portion of each sale you generate. Commission rates vary dependent upon your strength as an applicant. This could be a full-time job for you if you’re savvy enough, but we will admit that we’re most selective with the people we accept for this plan.

What We’re Looking For

What should you have in order to be considered as a top-tier applicant?

  • A strong network — while not required, we ask for your social media handles because we want to investigate your role as an influencer. Engagement matters more to us than raw numbers; we’d rather see a small, genuine audience than a massive, fake following. Of course, that’s only online. If you happen to be an influential member of a sorority or fraternity, make sure you mention it in the free response section in the application below.
  • Past engagement with us — obviously, we prefer applicants we have a history with. We’re already familiar with these people because they’ve ordered from us already, they’ve shared their thoughts on our idea forum, they’ve commented on our blog articles, they follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and regularly share the content we post.
  • Empathy, vision, and authenticity— these are the intangibles that weigh just as heavily as the points listed above. They’re so crucial to the brand that we’re crafting that we can’t afford to have ambassadors who don’t truly represent the heart of Vara Loka. Even if you have everything else we’ve already discussed, if you lack these character traits then you probably won’t make the cut as a Vara Loka ambassador.

The Application

Think you’ve got a pretty good handle on what we’re looking for? Put your best foot forward and apply below. We are very aggressive in expanding our ambassador program, so we consider with great care every single application we receive.

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