Four elephant rangers killed by poachers in Congo

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Image courtesy of Leon Marshall, National Geographic


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TLDR Four men from a patrol team of ten were killed in the line of duty while attempting to apprehend elephant poachers

herd of elephants

The big herds for which the park is famous makes it an ongoing target for well organized, well armed and well equipped poaching groups. (David Santiago Garcia/African Parks)

A 10-man patrol team in Congo’s Garamba National Park tracked a poached elephant’s collar to a poacher’s camp. Upon arrival, a firefight began and the outnumbered patrol officers were forced to scatter.

A helicopter was sent by African Parks to help rescue the scattered patrol, but came under fire when it arrived at the poacher’s camp. Nevertheless, the rescue team managed to retrieve six members of the patrol. Four of the rescued men were evacuated to a nearby location, and the other two of the were flown back to the park headquarters. The bodies of the four men who were not rescued were discovered a day later by another patrol team.

“Our sincere condolences go to the families of the four men who tragically lost their loved ones while they were bravely eliminating the scourge of elephant poaching from Garamba National Park, said Peter Fearnhead, CEO African Parks. ” This brings to eight the number of people who have lost their lives in Garamba in 2015 alone.”